New Terrain

“Dinah’s Reiki cello CD is a haunting, spellbinding, extraordinarily moving experience – I highly recommend!”
Georgina Hood – Reiki Master, London.

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Dinah was asked to play at a reiki gathering after she was heard improvising over the tamboura, the Indian drone instrument. Many listeners asked her for a cd at the end of the session, on hearing this unusual sound. This resulted in ‘New Terrain’.  The cd lasts for about an hour and consists of twelve,  four to five minute improvisations in every key of the diatonic Western scale. All slow and peaceful phrases, this music is designed to help ‘unwind’.

New Terrain

“It gives me great joy to write a few words about New Terrain as I have had the privilege of seeing this CD come into fruition. Reiki has been one of the inspirations and as Dinah’s Reiki Master I am delighted to see and hear this loving energy Reiki being used to produce this soothing, hypnotic mystical music. I use it regularly to give myself a self treatment and when I give Reiki treatments. I have also invited Dinah to play live on many Reiki events and it can feel very supportive – like lying on an ocean of sound. My hope is it will be played in many Reiki settings.”
Mel Hoffstead, Reiki Master